Which Wolf Do You Feed? A Tale of Duality

I would like to share a story from the Cherokee people as part of this blog article. Please note the story is not verbatim and I have changed some wording however I feel the overall theme still conveys well.

“A tribe elder was teaching his grandson about life when he said ‘there is a great battle waging inside of me everyday.’ 

‘It is a battle between two wolves. One represents the negative aspects of life – anger, lust, pensiveness, sadness, grief, fear, guilt, selfishness and ego. The other represents the positive aspects – serenity, love, empathy, joy, generosity, courage, honesty, compassion and selflessness. The same battle wages inside everyone, everyday – even you’.

Taking a few moments to think about the story the grandson eventually asked ‘which one wins?’

The elder replied ‘The one you feed.’

This is an excellent tale of duality and the choices we make everyday. Much like how medicine and poison are exactly the same thing with the therapeutic effect or damage depending on the dosage – how you choose to react defines who you are and these decisions come everyday.

It may not always be such a serious decision that needs to be made but something as simple as choosing to eat a healthy lunch versus a not so healthy burger adds to the compound effect of your overall decision.

All decisions add up. Do right by others, use your skills to help and ask yourself which wolf do you want to feed?

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