Martial Arts

What is Xing Lin Quan?

A system of self defense that holds its origin in the Kenpo Karate system which in and of itself can be traced back to White Crane Kung Fu in Southern China.

Tradition meets science as system creator and teacher, Dr Jimmy Le (TCM), uses his knowledge of medical anatomy to dissect each movement from every technique and teaches it to students ensuring there is no wasted motion which means you learn to keep yourself safe in the most effective way possible.

Our system focuses on:

1) Hard Skills (Physical self defence and fitness)

2) Soft Skills (How to avoid problematic situations, defuse them or control them)

3) Mind Set (Everyday and in a violent situation)


Is Xing Lin Quan suitable for you?

This system is NOT for everyone. We do not run classes for kids nor do we have any presence in the tournament scene.

Xing Lin Quan is only suitable for you if:

  • You wish to build a mental fortitude while cultivating a strong body

  • You are looking to combat stress, depression and anxiety in order to regain control of your life

  • You want to build the self discipline, self confidence and self respect to be true to your purpose in life

  • You are a parent who wishes to help their teenager deal with bullying

  • You wish to learn leadership and team building skills in a safe and health orientated environment

  • You want to learn how to avoid or defuse violent scenarios or defend yourself as required

Please note that as the psychology of children differs to that of teenagers and adults, our system caters to those over the age of 14 only. We highly recommend you ask instructors from other systems of martial arts questions about both the mental and physical development of your child when you enroll them into kids classes.


Why learn with us?

We offer you three advantages all gained at the same time (besides the above mentioned points).

  1. A strengthening of the body to maintain physical health (the body mind connection)

  2. A reduction in mental stressors of everyday life (the mind body connection)

  3. A practical life skill that could save you one day but will definitely help you build unique relationships.

Training is overseen by Dr Jimmy Le (TCM) who has (at the time of writing) 24 years of experience in martial arts, 14 years of medical experience and over 10 years of teaching experience both through martial arts and the university system (full profile:

Dr Le (TCM) has a strong focus on psychoemotional health in his clinic and this lends to the training as he ensures a foundation of creating and maintaining strong mental health and also positive mindset building.

Please refer to our classes page for information on times and pricing.